Raccoon Mountain Super-D & Endurance TT

We have this little trail system in Chattanooga...you might've heard of it...it's called Raccoon Mountain. Us here at SORBA Chattanooga think it's kind of a big deal. So what do you do when you have regionally recognized trail system in your backyard??? Give people an excuse to come and ride it that's what!!! SORBA Chattanooga is proud to announce the 2014 Raccoon Mountain Super-D & Endurance TT race weekend on July 12th & 13th. An epic trail system deserves an epic race; so we've lined up swag raffles, vendors, custom event swag, food, and TWO racesSwag raffles to take place on Sunday; prizes include a Lynskey Pro29 or Pro650, your choice.

This weekend will mark the first ever event on the recently expanded trails on Raccoon Mountain. The completion of Livewire and High Voltage mark a huge achievement for SORBA Chattanooga. This expansion adds 8.5 miles to the existing trail system. Both the Super-D and the Endurance TT will use these new trails to create one of the most fun and difficult races you'll ever experience.